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New development of 148 town houses in Mississauga proves popular

For the developer, there are downsides to building things before people commit to buying them. For buyers, there are downsides to buying things before they're built. But Daniels Corporation seems to have hit upon a formula that works for everyone with its First Home brand of developments.

Daniels builds entire projects of townhouses, stacked townhouses and 4-storey low-rise condos, all aimed at first-time buyers and let the success of one project do the advertising for the next, and do no actual marketing for the developments before every house is completely built and ready to move into.

Their latest, phase two of Destination Drive at Erin Centre Blvd. and Winston Churchill Blvd., consists of 148 units on 10 acres. Construction started in March, 2010 and finished, with the exception of the landscaping, last week. And the day before they went on sale, Daniels reported buyers lined up to get the pick of the litter.

"We've had this repeated over several communities," says Daniels vice president Don Pugh. "Because we build first, it gives us the ability to market them in a very special way."

This special marketing includes the ability to give potential buyers walk-throughs, not only of model homes, but of their actual potential home, and down the streets where Daniels hopes they'll live.

Writer: Bert Archer
Source: Don Pugh

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