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City Building

Toronto was not intended to become the massive city it is today, so its infrastructure and built form are forever catching up to what it has become. Managing the Toronto area's rapid growth has become a major political and planning issue as "getting it right" means preserving the livable neighbourhoods we already have while allowing for appropriate growth. City Building is where architecture, urban planning and civic improvements meet and the kinds of communities we want to live in are created and maintained.


New Luminato CEO Anthony Sargent

Toronto's city builders: New Luminato CEO Anthony Sargent says yes to a bolder Toronto

In this special series of interviews, YongeStreet sits down for a chat to get to know some of the most prominent city builders whose work, vision and passion for the city help shape Toronto's present and future. Anthony Sargent of Luminato thinks it’s time Toronto stopped being so shy about its accomplishments and say yes to being bold.

StartUp HERE launch at Shopify

StartUP HERE takes off to support entrepreneurs and share success stories

The City of Toronto launched StartUP HERE Toronto platform to celebrate the rich startup, technology and innovation community  in Toronto and KW and share success stories with the world.

King Edward VII Queen's Park - Adam Bunch

Toronto�s royal statue from the graveyard of the British Empire

Toronto’s statue of King Edward VII isn't from Toronto — it's from India. Today it stands in Queen's Park, but it used to stand outside the ancient Mughal Red Fort in Delhi. 

Fran Deacon

Philanthropists take Toronto's future in their own hands

Under the Gardiner initiative joins Toronto Foundation in a growing cluster of philanthropic efforts and organizations to make Toronto even better. 

YongeTalks Nov 19

Forever Yonge: A Street for the People

How can we keep Yonge Street wacky, weird, and a place for gathering? Our latest #YongeTalks session tackled this very important question. 
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