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Searching for Employment in a Changing Job Market

There’s no question about it. Finding a job these days is hard, and it’s just getting harder. This has partially fuelled the influx of career-assistance programs and websites, where people increasingly turn to ease the burden of their job search.

The Toronto-based job search service, Ideal is just one among many, and its co-founders Somen Mondal and Shaun Ricci have recently rebranded to widen their reach and help as many eager applicants as possible.

Modal and Ricci are no strangers to entrepreneurship, but while running their first business they ran into the other side of the job search conundrum – they struggled to hire salespeople that were a good fit for their team.

“We wanted to solve a problem that both our founders are familiar with,” said Mondal, who’s served as the co-Founder and CEO of Field ID until it was acquired by Master Lock LLC in December 2012.

Ideal is a job matching program designed to meet the needs of salespeople, a field that Mondal describes as an evolving field. In a world where startups are the businesses of tomorrow, sales is the career path of the future.

He goes on to say that he believes the nature of the job search is changing in light of a largely educated, skilled population.

“I think we’re moving from the world of job board to job matching, but I don’t think we’re ever going to get rid of the human element in recruiting.”

The two-year old company relaunched at the beginning of the month with four major cities on board; Toronto, Boston, San Francisco, and Chicago. Furthermore, once named Ideal Candidate, the company’s name has been shortened to just “Ideal.”

“Eventually, we wanted to have a more aspirational domain. Ideal Candidate, to us, was really focused on just having a job. We are constantly helping people with their career aspirations,” said Mondal.

Mondal and Ricci aren’t the only entrepreneurs tackling the job search market. Angie Kramer is taking this issue on from a freelancer’s point of view.

As the VP of Digital Innovation at Cundari and the CEO and founder of the freelance search engine Job Bliss, Kramer is no stranger to the job search.

“It’s changed dramatically since I went into the workforce. When I went into the workforce, there wasn’t a lot of full-time jobs for skillsets that were brand new,” said Kramer.
Unlike Ideal, Job Bliss is primarily for contractors looking for freelance work, but the end goal is the same – finding reliable employment through a reliable platform.

“I created Job Bliss because I wanted to give contractors the ability to connect with employers and start working,” said Kramer. She goes on to say that through the private database, several groups at different stages in their careers can look for gig work that suits their current situation.

Regardless of the role you’re looking for, Mondal agrees that “looking for a job right now is a gunshot method.”

What Job Bliss and Ideal do have in common however, is the ability to narrow the job search for people who are ready for a new project, role, or even an entirely new career, but don’t know where to look.

Source: https://ideal.com/about/
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