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3D printers come to Toronto Public Library

The Toronto Public Library has announced plans to bring a variety of 3D printers and related software to its Digital Innovation Hubs, which will open at the Toronto Reference Library and the forthcoming Fort York branch in the coming weeks. 
The Digital Innovation Hub will launch with a collection of iMacs, MacBook pros, video and audio editing software in an effort make technology more accessible for TPL users. 
"One of the things that the library has been doing is trying to equalize people's access to information and knowledge," Paul Trumphour, access and information manager at Toronto Public Libraries, told Global News.
"We became a kind of community hub for people to come in and get access to decent Internet for free. A few years ago we introduced access to Microsoft Office on pretty much all of our workstations. One of our goals is to bring awareness that this type of technology exists and how it can be used."

Library-goers will have access to seminars and workshops to learn more about the 3D printing process, as well as the ability to scan and print objects.
The library eventually hopes to partner with local maker spaces, community centres that focus on using and participating in technology and workshops, to "introduce mode advanced programming."
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Original Source: Global News
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