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Mississauga's Absolute World Condos

BlogTO looks the construction of Mississauga's "Absolute World Condos", a five-tower condo complex being built at the corner of Burnhamthorpe and Hurontario. Author Matthew Harris muses on whether these towers (two of which were designed by winners of an extensive international design competition) are symbols that more progressive planning is in store for Canada's 6th largest city.

"... Although not officially part of Mississauga's in-progress 21 Downtown Master Plan, [the condos] are an indication of where the city is trying to head. As Janice Baker, Mississauga city manager, told Christopher Hume, "It's clear the future will be dense, vertical and transit-based. In the past the market for that wasn't there, but now that market is there. " The 21 Downtown Master Plan imagines turning the parking lots around the Square One shopping centre into mixed retail and commercial areas, adding a higher-order transit line on Hurontario, and producing more pedestrian and cyclist-friendly streets. It is hoped that the higher density around the core will help support the pedestrian uses, and in turn, make the area more popular for offices and workplaces."

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