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Startup hub that took partial root in Toronto announces its 150th global location

Startup Grind, the global startup support hub that originated as a Silicon Valley tech meetup in 2010, has just announced the opening of its 150th local chapter. Along with Singapore and Sydney, Toronto was among the first cities outside of California's tech epicentre to raise its hand for an outpost. It makes sense: as we've mentioned a lot over here, Toronto is something of an enterprise node. 

The organization now spans 65 countries; attendees from around the world are scheduled to present at 2015's Startup Grind meetup in Silicon Valley. Some are based in Toronto, including Startup Grind CTO, Joel Fernandes.

“It really just solved a personal need. I was disenfranchised by the events that I attended and the attitude of the people organizing and sitting in the audience,” Startup Grind founder Derek Andersen told Forbes. “We decided that it was better to create a small group of smart people with similar values than to go to a huge event and get your brains pitched out by everyone.”

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Source: Forbes
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