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First annual Myseum exhibitions festival highlights TO's diversity

Myseum Intersections Festival runs March 6 - March 31

One of the biggest challenges for Myseum in putting together its inaugural Intersections festival, which runs from March 6 to 31, was the relative newness of the organization. Launched last May as a “catalyst to illuminate our city’s history, honour its diversity and contribute to shaping its future,” Myseum isn’t quite a household name yet. And it doesn’t have a physical home that people can visit.

“As a new organization with a different approach to a city museum, one of our challenges is getting the word out and getting residents of Toronto involved in the organization,” says Britt Welter-Nolan, Myseum’s director of public programs. “The project was initiated by an open call for proposals, so the exhibits and events are connected primarily through the theme of intersectionality, diversity, storytelling and an exploration of Toronto's multiple identities.”

For the first festival, designed to be an annual event, Myseum was able to attract cultural heavy-hitters like Jane’s Walk, the Art Gallery of Ontario, Gardiner Museum, the Power Plant, Evergreen Brick Works and Heritage Toronto, as well as organizations like She Moves Group, Queers in Your Ears, City of Toronto Archives, Black Future Month and Deluxo.

The intention is to “invite Torontonians to co-create exhibitions and events that help to tell our city's stories because our city's story isn't a singular one, it has infinite perspectives. What makes Toronto’s unique is that we are all made up of multiple stories and connections, that our identities are not fixed, but continually changing because of our interactions with each other and the city,” says Welter-Nolan.

The slate of events and exhibits should have something for everyone. :Some are family oriented, some are creative or musical, some are historical and some propose possible futures for our city. We encourage people to get out and visit the different areas of the city to better appreciate it.”

Myseum Intersections launches March 6—Toronto’s birthday— at the new QRC West Building at 362 Richmond Street West.

Writer: Paul Gallant
Source: Britt Welter-Nolan
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