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Kensington Market - Little Italy - Little Portugal

Kensington Market is the cozy heart of bohemian Toronto. For years it was known as "The Jewish Market," and while the neighbourhood still has a Jewish presence, it's now a microcosm of multicultural Toronto as many successive waves of immigrants have made the Market their first stop in Canada. The European-style mix of shops, new and old, along with restaurants and bars, is a streetscape unparalleled in North America. Framed by College Street to the north and Dundas on the south, the Market anchors the neighbourhoods that extend along those two corridors. Though the Italian population is no longer the dominant population, College is Toronto's "Little Italy" and for a few kilometers is a continuous mix of restaurants, bars and shops. Just to the south, Dundas represents the Portuguese and Brazilian communities with a similar mix, as well as an increasing amount of art galleries.