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Hotly anticipated 90-unit condo at Queen and Beverly finally launches this weekend

12 Degrees, one of most hotly anticipated new condo developments this season, partly a result of John Bentley Mays' glowing review of the design, is finally launching on Saturday, May 29.

Part of a new breed of developers specializing in infill rather than large towers, BSäR is staking its reputation on this project, their first.

The architect is Core's Charles Gane, who was also responsible for Peter Freed's 75 Portland and Fashion House, as well as 169 John St., the last condo in the area to be built before 12 Degrees, tucked in just behind the Umbra store.

"Homeowners will really feel the unique attributes of the location when they step out of their front door and get that immediate sense of being in a true urban neighbourhood," BSäR principal Tyler Hershberg says of the building's Queen and Beverly location in anticipation of the launch.

In addition to the 90 units on 11 floors, there will be rooftop gas barbeques and a private dining room and lounge available for all residents.

Writer: Bert Archer
Source: Tyler Hershberg

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