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Booming Liberty Village getting $2.5-million electrical upgrade

The area that's become Liberty Village was never meant to be as popular as it's become. As a result, it's 1911 power grid is being taxed, limiting the amount of growth potential the neighbourhood has. So Toronto Hydro is investing $2.5 million in upgrading the system.

"The project essentially will accommodate the area's growth as new customers connect to the gird," says Denise Atallah, Toronto Hydro's spokeswoman. "The new equipment will also provide more reliable service to the area."

The new equipment includes new poles and higher voltage transformers.

Crews have been on the site since February, and work should be completed by August.

For those who keep track of such things, the current voltage is 4.16kV, and the proposed voltage for the upgrade is 13.8kV, with 4,000 kVA worth of load being transferred onto the new system

Writer: Bert Archer
Source: Denise Atallah

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