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Metrolinx begins roundtables on $34B in transportation spending

Metrolinx is set to launch its next phase of mega-transit development. To prepare, Metrolinx is hosting roundtable discussions to let GTAers in on the plans and just how these plans might be funded.

There are $16 billion worth of projects already underway -- things like the Spadina subway extension, the Union-Pearson Express, and the Eglinton-Scarborough Crosstown LRT. This next phase, which the administrative body formerly known as the Greater Toronto Transit Authority is now branding along with the first phase as the Big Move, will account for as much as $34 billion. Where the money will come from to extend the Yonge subway line north, build a downtown relief line, or construct an LRT system for Hamilton is, understandably, a big issue.

"The meetings are essentially a conversation about transit funding tools and use around the world," says Metrolinx spokesman Mark Osler. "As well, the meetings are also serving an educational purpose to help inform people across the region about the Big Move as a whole."

The first two of 12 scheduled meetings were held last week in Oakville and Newmarket. Organized in a collection of tables, at each of which one aspect of the subject of transit and funding is being discussed, the meetings are a chance for people to learn about what’s going on, ask Metrolinx staff and their consultants questions, and discuss issues amongst themselves. To help this along, Metrolinx has hired Mass LPB to put together "conversation kits" that are being handed out at these sessions to kick start discussions.

Osler describes the kits as, "concise information packages about the Big Move itself. They’ve also got profiles of other major transit systems around the world, stuff like Vancouver, Montreal, New York, and Chicago. It also does have some information on funding tools that other regions use around the world. It’s got also a series of maps of some of the projects we’ve got on the go or we’re planning."

Attendees can take these kits home with them.

The next meeting takes place Jan. 26 in Georgetown at the Gellert Community Centre in Kinsman Hall from 2 to 4 p.m. Downtown Toronto’s meeting will be held Feb. 9 at room 308 of Metro Hall between 1 and 3 p.m.

Writer: Bert Archer
Source: Mark Osler

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