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$9.8-million Roncesvalles roadwork to continue at least until April

Roncesvalles still isn't finished. But it's getting there. Work on this second phase of road-munching began in July, and is expected to be finished by April or May.

The current $9.2-million phase of work, being carried out by Sanscon Construction, includes TTC track construction, transit platform construction, road reconstruction and resurfacing, sidewalk repair and streetscaping, including continuous soil trenches to give planted trees more root freedom.

The earlier work, carried out between July, 2009 and May of this year included water main and sewer replacement over the same 2km stretch of beleaguered road roughly between Queen and Dundas.

"More or less, all of the infrastructure was of an age that it needed significant repair or replacement," says John Kelly of the city's technical services division. "The surface works were the first to be identified as required, and we always try to co-ordinate any underground utility work with road reconstruction to maximize the life span of the road by minimizing the need to cut into it in the future."

So, stiff upper lips till May, then, to all those business owners behind the cheeky, door-mounted Construction Sucks posters.

Writer: Bert Archer
Source: John Kelly

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