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Big building draws criticism, promises boost in Stouffville

The Pace-Geranium building.

Stouffville’s not accustomed to development downtown, and its residents have been antsy about a proposed new condo building.

It’s not a tower exactly. In fact, the variance that city council just approved was for a four metre extension – from 14 metres to 18.

The real concern seems to be the effect the new building built by Geranium Homes for Pace credit union, which already has a two-story building on the site, will have on the historic nature of the Markham suburb’s core.

"The heritage committee in the town worked with the developer to come to the final look and presentation," says Whitchruch-Stouffville councillor Rob Hargrave, saying that it went through five drafts. And though the committee is still "not 100 per cent" happy with it, council has given its approval. Citizens have until about the end of the month to appeal the decision to the Ontario Municipal Board.

Hargrave, who was the only councillor to speak in favour of the development at last week’s public meeting on the subject, says that part of the problem is that though Stouffvilliers are used to development on surrounding farmland, redevelopment in the core is a novelty.

Hargrave estimates that $20-million development could generate as much as $3 million in revenue for the city annually in increased economic activity spurred by the 67 new condo units.

In addition to the credit union, there are several 80-100-year-old wooden houses on the site that would be demolished.

Writer: Bert Archer
Source: Rob Hargrave
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