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TTC customer service report releases 78 recommendations

The long-awaited report on TTC customer service was released last week.

Hotelier Steven O'Brien, chair of the customer service advisory panel that compiled the report, announced 78 specific improvement recommendations contained within the report, which was spurred, in part, by various dissatisfactions among customers and the media with employees sleeping on the job, or stopping mid-route to buy coffee and doughnuts.

"Over the past decade, the Commission has done an excellent job of expanding service for riders and growing the system to meet demand with limited resources," said the mayor, David Miller, in a press release. "But frontline customer service has not improved at the same rate. We need to get the balance back so that we are providing both top-notch transit and customer services."

The panel was struck in March, and most of whichever recommendations are adopted by the TTC are only expected to be implemented within 24 to 36 months.

Recommendations included better customer service training, information kiosks at stations, "Sorry, Bus Full" messages on the front of buses, and a simplified transfer system.

Writer: Bert Archer
Source: Stuart Green

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