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Toronto's third Whole Foods to begin construction in 18 months at Yonge and Sheppard

The third Whole Foods in Toronto, going up at Yonge and Sheppard, in the bottom of the Hullmark Centre, will be the biggest in the city.

Though loath to reveal the square footage, or many details at all -- "that would be showing our hand to our competitors," says Metro Store Team Leader Peter Hilge -- he did say it would be on one floor, there would be a cafe, and several amenities that are not currently offered in other GTA Whole Foods stores.

When asked why the company chose that location, Hilge echoes the currently popular line among developers and others with financial interest in the quickly expanding area. "If you took a pin and stuck it in the middle of Toronto, that's where it is," Hilge says pointing out it's at the intersection of the Yonge and Sheppard subway lines, and close to the 401. "Pusateri's just opened over on Bayview, and I truly think this is a better location," he says.

The new store, designed by Markham-based firm Petroff, will begin construction in 18 months, and is scheduled to open in early 2013, before many of the residents have moved in to the large condo complex above, according to Hilge.

Writer: Bert Archer
Source: Peter Hilge

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