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Jutta Treviranus, OCAD U.

OCAD U sees an accessible future with new Master program in inclusive design

As our population ages and the rights of disabled people are getting more attention, OCAD University has started a new Master program in inclusive design to create a brain trust of people skilled in accessible technologies from many sectors.

Ron Deibert, founder of Citizen Lab.

University of Toronto's Citizen Lab: new funding, diverse students, global reach

University of Toronto's Citizen Lab has opened its arms to the private sector, working with companies around the world on human rights issues. The lab is also tapping into the University's diverse student population to help it do its global work.

U of T students volunteer for the Fort York Food Bank

The University of Toronto is training new leaders by having them learn-while-doing out in the city

In a U of T urban studies class "service learning" get students to think about volunteering and relationship building as part of their careers. Unlike traditional internships, it's not time consuming but helps students understand how Toronto works from the ground up.

The Eco Bike

Pedal really means power at the Hart House gym

The University of Toronto and Hart House are about to turn their gym into a power plant, but instead of coal or nuclear fuel, it'll be the muscle and sweat of people using the stationary bikes that will be putting electricity back into the grid. Fit bodies lead to green energy.

Glen Murray, Minister of Research and Innovation

Glen Murray's Ministry of the Future leads Toronto & Ontario in a new direction

Yonge Street's Bert Archer recently sat down with Ontario's new Minister of Research and Innovation, Glen Murray, to talk about urbanism, sustainable transportation and technological and social innovation in and around Toronto.

The Sheppard Family

The Transracial Parenting Initiative helps parents and kids prepare to be mixed race families

Each year there are approximately 2,000 overseas adoptions in Canada, many of which create interracial families. Likewise, scores of domestic adoptions produce similar homes. There can be unique challenges for parents who raise children from a different background. Susan Crawford has solutions.

Pita Break Bakery

Ozery Pita Break brings 'Food for Thought' to life with healthy meals for Ontario school children

Even bakeries can be innovative. A new partnership between Ozery and Compass Canada brings nutritious options to children ahead of the Ontario government's mandate for 80% fresh, whole food in schools -- and it all started as a Ryerson school project.


Samara is bringing hope, change and political engagement to Canadian politics

If election season's got you down, Toronto-based Samara is trying to make things brighter by changing the public's cynicism towards Canadian politics, one initiative at a time.

Jeremy Friedberg of Spongelab Interactive

"No ma, this game is helping me learn" - Toronto's serious gaming companies have kids thinking

Imagine Guitar Hero for your brain: Toronto companies Wero Creative and Spongelab Interactive are creating computer games that are both fun and get kids learning too.

Rob Fraser

The new nurse: Rob Fraser says nurses need to tweet, blog and learn from each other more.

Rob Fraser is a driven nursing student who has taken on the challenge of introducing late-adopter nurses to new social media technologies that help them talk to each other and advance their profession.

Scientists in Schools

When Scientists go to School

Ajax-based Scientists in School brings the fun into science education and hopes to breed a new generation of innovators from an early age.

Ashley Taylor of U of T's Sustainability Office

Towards a sustainable University of Toronto campus

A new array of solar panels on the roof of U of T's Athletic Centre marks the beginning of a new era for sustainable development on campus where the University has started to engage its undergraduates in designing and implementing their own projects through the Sustainability Office.

Kostas Platanioti and Karl Martin

Publically private

A University of Toronto grad-student project turned market-ready product shows that you don't have to give up your privacy for increased security.
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