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The NFB's innovative Out my Window online documentary looks out of Toronto's windows and beyond

Toronto-based director Katerina Cizek breaks new ground in the documentary format with Out My Window, a multi-media National Film Board project about the highrises we call home here in Toronto and around the world. Already the city-building project is nominated for an award at the Sheffield Doc Fest, and will be presented in installation form at the International Documentary Festival Amsterdam this month.


This ain't the Dragon's Den: BizStart helps young Toronto entrepreneurs kick start their companies

The BizStart entrepreneur training program helps young creative types root their ideas in a business-minded reality as they start their first companies and venture into the world of self-employment.

The Peanut Plaza

The Peanut Plaza: a slideshow + essay exploring an unsung Toronto community in North York

Part of our series on neighbourhood strips and informal community centres, take a tour of the diverse and busy Peanut Plaza with Yonge Street's Bert Archer and Tanja Tiziana in both words and pictures.

Halim Amini

Q & A with Halim Amini: a real estate agent and Toronto's one-man mental health industry

A personal tragedy led Torontonian Halim Amini to start his own mental health and help industry, complete with radio and TV shows, and a non-profit counseling centre serving the growing Afghan community in Toronto and around the world.

Little Tibet

Yonge Street Video: It's a Momo -- Parkdale's Little Tibet neighbourhood grows

Adding to Toronto's mix of ethnic neighbourhoods is Little Tibet, a relatively new addition to the Parkdale street scene. In this video, the Valunbisitsang family keeps both Tibetan food and music alive.

Jon Johnson, Native History professor at York University

New programs explore Toronto's under appreciated indigenous history and traditional knowledge

Beneath our gleaming glass towers and spiraling condos lies the remnants of another history, one thousands of years old, but often overlooked. With the Canadian Native Centre's "Great Indian Bus Tours" and the Indigenous Knowledge Network run out of St. Michael's Hospital, this is changing.

Bill Young, of Social Capital Partners

Toronto-based company Social Capital Partners is changing Canadian recruitment practices.

What would it take to change hiring practices around the world and bring the most disadvantaged, at risk populations back into the workforce? Ten years ago, Bill Young, then a highly successful CEO, started to wonder that question. The result is Social Capital Partners, which in its short life has already greatly changed the world of work.

Adrian Joseph of Steam Whistle Brewing Co

Steam Whistle's commitment to hiring new immigrants

Toronto's Steam Whistle Brewing has an unusual hiring policy: choose the best person for the job, with or without Canadian experience. In doing so, they say they've made their company and brand stronger.

Hadi Mahabadi of the Xerox Research Centre of Canada

Hadi Mahabadi of Xerox Canada explains how skilled immigrants help push innovation

With researchers from 37 countries, the Xerox Research Centre of Canada's "diversity of thought" strategy, adopted in 2004, has resulted in a 17 per cent year-over-year increase in the number of its patent ideas.

Mongrel Media

Toronto's film industry: Mongrel Media and Hussain Amarshi Score Again at TIFF

The founder of multicultural Toronto-based and internationally successful film distribution company Mongrel Media is a practical idealist whose newest feature, Score, will open the Toronto International Film Festival next month.

Wexford Heights

There's a village in that stripmall: a slideshow and essay wandering Wexford's main strip

Wexford used to be a village and though now found in the middle of Scarborough, it still is, but it might not look like you expect it to. Part of our series on neighbourhood strips, take a tour of a Wexford stripmall with Yonge Street's Bert Archer and Tanja Tiziana in words and pictures.

Ken Sun

Anatomy of a Chinese restaurant: how Sun's Kitchen in Markham's Pacific Mall started and evolved

After years of serving western style food to please their customers, a Markham chef wows the city with his traditional "la main" noodles, and passes on the thousand-year tradition. Pacific Mall, an informal incubator for new immigrant businesses, is a perfect location.

Erich Shih

Not all resumes are treated equally: how Toronto's skilled immigrants are getting hired

Toronto is tapping into its skilled immigrant talent by, in part, training human resources professionals to recognize and hire from this neglected pool of smart and ready-to-work people.

A Different Booklist

A Different Booklist at Bloor and Bathurst is the independent bookstore that keeps going

A Different Booklist is one independent bookstore that's flourishing by being a community centre for Toronto's Caribbean diaspora.
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