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George Brown College.

Collaboration for Innovation


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Ross McKegney of Verold.

How three Toronto companies are changing the way we interact with our computers

Move over Siri, there's a new voice-activated computer in town. Meet Ubi, a small computer with a remarkable understanding of natural language, and two other distinct Toronto-based user interface innovations. Over the next three to five years, we will see a renaissance in UI and experience design. 

Arlene Francis of Mothereaze.

Rethinking child care in Toronto

In Toronto, finding quality child care can be a daunting and expensive affair. Arlene Francis has an answer. The single mom is gearing up to launch her own business: a platform for other moms to find qualified, pre-screened caregivers. 

Developer, Ali Kokulu.

How Stringer bends mind and reality in the name of protecting war reporters

I hear the bomb go off. I am a reporter and suddenly I am rushing to bandage the wounds of a bleeding soldier. His screams startle me and I pull the headset off. I am not in a warzone after all. I am in George Brown College's School of Design. 

Vanessa Vakharia of The Math Guru

Add it up: Entrepreneurs taking new approaches to teaching math

There are a number of things that don't add up when it comes to math education. Meet several Toronto-based entrepreneurs who are taking new approaches to teaching math to students, helping them to build confidence and succeed in academia. 

Ten Thousand Coffees

Yonge Interviews: Dave Wilkin, founder of Ten Thousand Coffees

If you could have coffee with anyone in the world, who would it be? A new youth-driven movement connects the leaders of today with the leaders of tomorrow, bridging the gap between ideas and opportunity, all over a cup of coffee. 

Ryerson DMZ International Fellows

How Ryerson plans to strengthen Toronto by partnering with Indian institutions

By collaborating with universities in India and across the world, and building a mini accelerator program that's set to open in the Bombay Stock Exchange in May, Ryerson looks to help cement Toronto's position as an international innovation capital. 

Julie Forand, Sprout Guerilla

Crowdfunding in the classroom

The first in a two-part series exploring local youth entrepreneurship, this article looks at how a growing number of high school, university and college students are using crowdfunding to help finance and launch their own businesses while they're still in school. 

Chefs in the Food Innovation & Research Studio.

Reinventing the cafeteria

How George Brown College, the Toronto District School Board, and Toronto Education Workers are trying to save the cafeteria and raise a generation of foodies while they're at it.

Derek Quenneville

Meet the innovators behind Toronto's 3D printing and cyber security sectors

From printing synthetic skin to preventing Internet censorship, local companies are shaking things up. In part II of our series exploring exponential technologies in Toronto, we look at how the city’s innovators are revolutionizing cyber security and 3D printing.
43 Articles | Page: | Show All
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