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Ontario invests $89-million in research projects across the city

 Jeff Daskalakis, a doctor from the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, shows Innovation Minister Reza Moridi a brain scanning device, one of the projects that receiving funding from the province.

On Tuesday, the Government of Ontario announced a new round of research funding. 

All told, the province is investing $209-million into more than 200 research projects across the province. 

Of those 200 projects, 105 are being conducted right here in the city. In monetary terms, about $89-million is being invested in the city. 

The researchers the province is funding come from a wide variety of fields, including the health sciences and the clean tech spaces. 

For instance, a group of researchers the University of Toronto received funding to continue work on a more efficient and environmentally friendly airplane gas turbine. According to Belinda Bein, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Research and Innovation, the turbine these scientists are developing is far more efficient than current models, and is significantly easier to maintain.

Another project, this time from Sick Kids Hospital, is studying how chemotherapy affects the brains of children that receive treatment for acute lymphocytic leukemia, the most common childhood cancer. 

"Investment in research and development (R&D) by business and government is essential for a successful knowledge-based economy," says Bein. "Investments in education and training, and creating the right environment for new industries are key drivers of long-term competitiveness."

She adds that since 2003 the province's funding programs have helped give $2.9-billion to Ontario's researchers, creating 86,000 training opportunities in the process.  Additionally, since 2005, 822 Early Researcher Awards have been given out, which she says have been vitally important to attracting top talent to the province. 

"We also see the benefits of investing in research with the breakthrough discoveries, game-changing technologies, and scientific progress in cancer research, genomics, genetics and regenerative medicine, renewable energies and more, that are happening right here in Ontario." 
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