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Owens-Illionois to hire 20 with innovative retooling of Brampton plant

In a move that company vice-president Ryan Modlin heralded as signalling "a vibrant future for glass packaging in Ontario" Owens-Illinois (O-I) announced earlier this month that it would be undertaking an innovative update of its Brampton glass manufacturing facility. Company spokesperson Beth Peery says the plant will be seeing $29 million in updates and innovation upgrades to add capabilities.

The updates are to add new capabilities to the plant's product offerings, make the building more sustainable and, it was announced, would add 20 new jobs to the existing staff of 314 as part of a financing deal with the provincial government. Peery says that since those numbers were agreed to and announced, the company has already exceeded hired more than twice as many new staff as had been expected.

The global glass manufacturer's GTA factory produces glass bottles for the LCBO, among other things, and the changes at the plant should add the capability to create more colours and styles of bottles ncedin line with sustainability efforts to create more lightweight packaging. The company will also update the heating at the facility to make it more energy efficient.

The move was heralded by spokespeople for the provincial government -- who are preparing for an election -- in a statement crediting favourable tax benefits to the company and an $8.8 million loan to the expansion effort.

Writer: Edward Keenan
Sources: Beth Peery, O-I; Lauren Tedesco, Ontario Ministry of Economic Development

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