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New Toronto-made app wants to help Canadians decide who to vote for this federal election

Although there are some 30 days still left in the current federal election campaign, you'll have to forgive a lot of Canadians if they've become apathetic to the state of political discourse in this country.  

Even at the best of times, it can feel like there's a dearth of substance to televised debates. It's a shame, since the issues facing Canada have potentially never been more pressing.   

Of course, there's a lot of information that can be found online on each of the major parties and their leaders, helping voters cast a ballot intelligently, but so much of it is disorganized and all over the place. 

Thankfully, a group of Toronto web and app developers have set out to give a helping hand to country's voters. 

Pollenize, a new app available on the Google Play Store and iTunes App Store, provides a comprehensive overview of where all the largest parties on stand on the major issues. With each issue, it's also possible to see where Pollenize sourced its information from, so that users of the app can do additional research on their own. Best of all, it's all wrapped in design that is easy on the eyes a pleasure to navigate through. 

If the app itself and the charming leader caricatures that adore it look familiar, it's because this isn't Pollenize's first time around the block. Co-founders Trevor Blades and Miguel Barbosa created the initial version of their website and app during the lead up to the city's municipal election last year. After watching one too many debates where there was a lack of any sort of meaningful discussion, the two decided their had to be a better way.  

"Pollenize is a nonpartisan, apolitical organization seeking to provide voters with the most accurate election information possible," says the organization's website. "We aim to make a positive impact on voter turnout and help spark political discussion in communities around the world."

As mentioned, the Pollenize app is available on Android and iOS smartphones. Alternatively, all the information that's available within the mobile app is also accessible on the organization's website. Check it out
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