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Where classical tailoring meets streetwear

The Toronto Star writes on entrepreneur Gregory Allen, the founder of Gregory Allen Co. a successful Toronto-based men's clothing line. Allen, who launched his company in 2003, has made a name for himself by designing clothing that combines classic tailoring with a streetwear flair. Gregory Allen Co. is currently available in Toronto and Montreal but Allen has plans to expand his company both within Canada and internationally.

"Allen's customers vary widely in age. "When I started off it was anyone from 25 to 40," Allen says. Nowadays, his customers include both 18-year-olds who want custom-made shirts to match their sneakers and 50-year-olds who want to look hip."

"Regardless of their age, Allen's customers share a desire to be unique, the designer says. Clothing by the Gregory Allen Co. "is for an individual that likes to be different from the rest," the designer says. That's why Allen takes his time to ensure whatever he designs "is going to be something you wouldn't see regularly, something a little different from the norm."

"As his name grows, Allen's goals continue to evolve. A few years ago, his short-term goal was to get his pieces into a high-end store. With that accomplished, he is now focused on developing a plan for getting his pieces into boutiques across Canada."

"Eventually, he'd like to open Gregory Allen stores in other major Canadian cities. And his vision doesn't end at the border."

"My goal is to make a great international Canadian brand," he says. He hopes that like BlackBerry and outerwear company Canada Goose, Gregory Allen becomes a household name both in Canada and abroad."

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original source Toronto Star
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