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Canada has best reputation in the world, study finds

Canada has the best reputation in the world, according to a new study conducted by the Reputation Institute. The study, which polled 42,000 respondents worldwide, revealed that Canada is considered by the international community to be a safe, stable and welcoming country. 
"Carried out by the Reputation Institute, an international research firm specialized in corporate reputation management, the study measured aspects such as trust, esteem, admiration and good feelings, to gauge the public perception of a country."
"Results from over 42,000 respondents worldwide showed that Canada scored well in all of these aspects."

"'The study shows that a strong country reputation requires a solid performance across three different areas: having an advanced economy, an appealing environment and an effective government,' Nicolas Georges Trad, executive partner of the Reputation Institute, said in a release."
"'When you consider that a 10 percent increase in your country’s reputation leads to an 11 percent rise in your tourism receipts, and a two percent increase in your HDI [Human Development Index] — this is something both countries and companies might want to take note of,' said Kasper Nielsen, executive partner of the Reputation Institute."

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original source Epoch Times

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