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4D Cityscape Time Puzzles build cities from the board up

The National Post writes on 4D Cityscape Time Puzzles, a series of city maquettes designed by Toronto entrepreneur Shaun Sakdinan. Sakdinan's launched his puzzles series--scale replicas of cities around the world--early this year and are already being carried by more than 3,000 stores internationally. New York, the first city designed was unveiled last October, quickly followed by Chicago, Las Vegas, Washington and Toronto.

"Each puzzle starts on a base of traditional jigsaw pieces, complete with glow-in-the-dark streets; once that's complete, the next layer uses scale-model buildings to create a given city's current skyline. Sakdinan's twist is the addition of what a fourth dimension: time. Architectural landmarks such as islands, bridges, statues and buildings get installed in chronological sequence."

The first 4D Cityscape metropolis, New York, was unveiled last October. "It's the hardest city," Sakdinan said, "and we wanted a challenge!" In addition to the base pieces, the puzzle contains 126 interlocking landmarks that span two centuries. Next came Chicago, Las Vegas, Washington and Toronto, "because we're from Toronto and we had to have Toronto," he said. (Canadians seem to have a knack for puzzles. The original 3-D puzzles, Puzz-3D, were pioneered by Montreal's Paul Gallant and his puzzle company Wrebbit.)

"The idea is when you get the jigsaw puzzle complete, it teaches you the history of the city. After City Hall in 1812 in New York the next building might be 1940, the Chrysler building," he enthused. "You're recreating time. If you wanted to take a rest you could leave it at the skyline in 1970 and experience it how it was at that moment in time."

"The educational puzzles are now carried by more than 3,000 stores internationally ó including FAO Schwartz, National Geographic, Toys "R" Us and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and Harrods and Hamleys in London (in Canada, the 4-D CityScape Puzzles are $29.99 and available at Sears stores across the country and through Mastermind Toys). It was also named 2010 Gift of the Year by the Gift Association of the U.K."

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original source National Post
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