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Toronto-based non-profit Cogniciti making advances in adult memory enhancement

According to the Globe & Mail, Cogniciti, a new Toronto-based non-profit company, could be on the cutting edge of adult memory enhancement technology and services. The company, a partnership between two non-profit organizations, Baycrest and the MaRS Discovery District, is hoping to help adults extend and enhance memory and cognitive abilities. Launched in December 2009, the company is developing their first product "[email protected]".

"[email protected] is Cogniciti's first product not only because of the opportunity the ballooning baby boomer population presents, but also because it's the most commercially ready and will be rolled out this year. Baycrest researchers have already piloted a version of the product with 120 participants. Among other positive results, participants reported an improved ability in remembering job-related tasks and information."

"Where the pilot program focused on one-on-one lectures followed by pen and paper exercises, Cogniciti's product will comprise group workshops followed by computer games and exercises designed to sharpen memory and improve problem-solving and multi-tasking skills. Participants will also have access to one-on-one coaching via phone and Internet. Cogniciti will partner with existing corporate wellness program distributors to sell [email protected] to corporate clients, at a cost comparable to that of other wellness-at-work programs. Corporate training courses typically cost between $250 and $1,000 per employee".

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original source Globe & Mail
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