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David Byrne's multiculti colour guard comes to Luminato

Trailblazing artist David Byrne is bringing his “Contemporary Color” exhibition to Toronto’s Luminato next week. But first, the New York Times reports on the backstory behind the project. 

The Times writes:
The synchronized manipulation of flags, rifles and sabers in a kind of dance routine — the practice called color guard — is known as a complement to marching bands in football halftime shows and parades at high schools and colleges. But after football season, color guard continues through the winter, indoors, performed to a range of recorded music, in organized circuits of judged competitions. Several hundred teams compete over three days at the championships in Dayton, the pinnacle of what organizers call “the Sport of the Arts.”

For Contemporary Color, the “arena spectacle” combines colour guard teams with live music by artists of Mr. Byrne’s choosing. And it’s a solid lineup: St. Vincent, Ad-Rock of the Beastie Boys, Kelis, Nelly Furtado and Devonté Hynes are all on board, each matched with a colour guard team. 

Read the full story here
Source: New York Times
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