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UofT's Dr. Diane Doran awarded $1 million research grant

Dr. Diane Doran, a professor at UofT's Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing, was awarded a research grant worth more than $1 million from The Canadian Patient Safety Institute. As reported by The Medical News, Dr. Doran and her team received the prestigeous grant in order to study patient safety and home care services across Canada.

"The existing literature on the safety of home care in Canada is still vague," says Doran. "This study, which will be the largest pan-Canadian home care safety study of its kind, will attempt to fill in those gaps."

"The Canadian Patient Safety Institute, along with the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Institutes of Health Services and Policy Research, Aging, Musculoskeletal Health and Arthritis, and Circulatory and Respiratory Health; The Change Foundation; and the Canadian Health Services Research Foundation, awarded the funding to help generate new knowledge to help improve the safety of home care clients."

"We know that adverse events affect thousands of patients every year in Canada," says Hugh MacLeod, CEO, Canadian Patient Safety Institute. "That is why this research in home care is important to assist with better patient safety outcomes in the continuum of care."

"Results of this research will be released over the next two years. The final report will be released in January of 2013 with the aim of informing change in policy, practice and behaviour in the home care service setting."

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original source The Medical News

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