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Leaders in the 'locavore' movement

It may be cold and snowy in Toronto, but that's not stopping anyone from firing up pizzas in Dufferin Grove Park's outdoor oven, noticed the New York Times. The NYT identifies Toronto as a leader in the "locavore" movement; a sustainability initiative that involves eating locally produced food. With more than 30 markets in the city and 90 in the region, Toronto has become a bona fide hub for locally produced food all year round. 
"Toronto has embraced the trend with particular fervor," writes Sarah Wildman.
"Up until a few years ago we had hardly any markets in the city, but it has really exploded," John RichLeMonde, the director of Sorauren Park Farmers' Market, told the Times. He says markets inspire the growth of more markets, transforming neighbourhoods along the way. 
Wildman writes that Dufferin Grove Park, "was once a postage stamp of green in a rough neighborhood that has vastly improved, some say because of the market's success since its arrival a decade ago. Dufferin Grove is a tremendous draw: on Friday nights, large communal dinners are cooked on site. The park has two giant outdoor wood-fired ovens where bread is baked and sold. It is also the site of a free ice skating rink."
RichLeMonde continued: "People are interested in buying more locally, and that's starting to become mainstream... There's a sense that we are building the future economy."
The Dufferin Grove Park farmer's market runs every Thursday from 3 to 7 p.m. just south of Bloor and Dufferin.
Read the full story here.
Original source: The New York Times
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