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Local typewriter collector earns international attention

"Some people collect baseball cards and others collect coins. Martin Howard, however, collects century-old typewriters," writes Gizmodo Australia, which ran a story on the Torontonian's extensive collection. It features typewriters that look like "navigation instruments" and others that "look like scales."
The article selects a few from the collection that it deems the most beautiful. Of them is the Crandall – New Model from 1887, which resembles a sewing machine. It features decorative flower designs with gold accents, detailed by 28 keys that support 84 characters.
Another, the Lambert 1 from 1902, resembles a rotary dial phone. It's "ideal for the one-finger typist," the article writes. 
"The Martin Howard Collection includes dozens of rare and historically significant typewriters. It’s the largest of its kind in Canada and continues to grow as its owner comes across new pieces. While the typewriters sometimes travel for exhibitions, you can always see the whole collection on Howard’s website, and if you really want to you can probably buy them," Gizmodo reports.
Read the full story and check out Gizmodo's favourites here. Or, if you desire, view the entire Martin Howard collection on his website here
Original source: Gizmodo 
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