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Rush is on to lock up rights to flat GTA rooftops

According to the Toronto Star, the GTA's flat rooftops (of which the city has an abundance) have become a sought after commodity. Due to the province's booming green energy industry, companies are "racing" to snatch up rooftops conducive to solar power. It's a win-win for building owners. Energy firms compensate them for the use of the rooftop space that would otherwise remain unused.

"It's kind of like a gold rush right now," said Justin Woodward, director of solar development for Toronto-based Greta Energy Inc., which is focusing its efforts on smaller towns outside the GTA."

"Greta Energy is one of dozens of emerging ventures that are approaching commercial property owners with an offer that is difficult to refuse. Give them 20-year access to your building's unused rooftop and they'll kindly compensate you for the space � similar to how farmers over the years have earned income by allowing wind turbines on their property."

"With that secured access, companies will design, build and own the rooftop solar system at no expense or risk to the building owner. They'll then apply to connect the system to the grid as part of the Ontario Power Authority's feed-in-tariff program, which for large commercial rooftops pays between 53.9 cents to 71.3 cents per kilowatt-hour and guarantees quick connection to the grid."

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original source Toronto Star

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