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Community-backed solar roof goes online

Toronto's first ever community-backed rooftop solar installation has begun generating clean and renewable energy. Known as the Goodmark Project, the 100 kW installation operates via a partnership between two of Canada's powerhouses: "Bullfrog Power – a 100% green energy provider; and SolarShare – who have installed 20 community-backed solar units in Ontario," an article that ran in PV Magazine reports. 
"Community participation is the crucial difference between Goodmark and the typical Ontario renewable energy project," said SolarShare president, Mike Brigham, in the article. "Citizens who are eager to promote green energy but may not have the means or the rooftop to install their own projects can pool their resources and finance community projects, earning a financial return from project revenue."
Community-backed power is becoming more common and in a variety of ways. Earlier this year we told you about the Toronto Zoo's new community-backed biofuel plant that will begin converting animal waste into energy by next summer.

"Seeing the Bullfrog Power and SolarShare communities come together is what we are all about – supporting the development of new renewable energy projects that people can see in their communities," said Josephine Coombe, Bullfrog Power’s Vp for sales and marketing, in the article.

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Original source: PV Magazine
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