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Toronto’s transformation to Silicon Valley North

The Globe & Mail's Ivor Tossell (and Yonge Street contributor) writes on Toronto's transformation into the "Silicon Valley of the North" as successful tech start-ups continue to pop up across the city. Toronto's position as an emerging international hub of web development can be attributed in part to its proximity to strong computer-science universities (e.g. Waterloo, McMaster and University of Toronto), and to its "size and vibrancy" that make it an attractive destination for young workers.

"There's a new emergent scene going on in Toronto," says David Crow, a strategist for Microsoft, and a long-time organizer of the city's tech community. "We have great talent and great opportunity."

"After years of nurturing a tight-knit tech community, Toronto seems to be reaching a critical mass – not just of homegrown companies, conferences, and networks, but of ties to a global industry. Groups like Extreme Venture Partners "are building a pipeline between Toronto and the Valley," says Mr. Crow."

"Clustered in neighbourhoods like Queen and Spadina and Liberty Village, companies such as Polar Mobile (they make iPhone apps for big media firms), LearnHub (which connects international learners) and Five Mobile (who produce apps for The Score TV network) are part of the local tech resurgence."

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original source the Globe & Mail
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