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Toronto's diversity, waterfront, lauded in Pittsburgh news

Toronto's ongoing waterfront revitalization has caught the attention of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, pointing out that Pittsburgh has made similar strides in highlighting its own waterfront. The key difference, as one might imagine, is in the Toronto development's massive $1.5 billion scale.

As writer Christine H. O'Toole puts it:
The lake was always great. The problem was the lakefront, which by the mid-20th century was a polluted industrial relic blocked by the Gardiner Expressway. With its central portion complete, the plan that waterfront designers call “the new blue edge” is expanding along the East Bayfront, adding glistening towers, parks, and promenades that accommodate the city’s explosive growth.

You’ve heard about that, right? How Toronto now boasts 240 ethnic groups and speaks 140 languages? As Post-Gazette reporter Mark Roth reported last year, 49 percent of its 6 million residents were born in another country. The Queen’s Quay crowds are so completely multinational it’s almost impossible to guess what country you’re actually in.

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Source: The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.
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