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Church & Wellesley - Yorkville - Annex

These continuous neighbourhoods form an arc above the downtown core. Church & Wellesley has been the centre of Toronto's gay community for decades and has seen an incredible amount of residential growth in the last ten years. During the 1960s Yorkville was the centre of Canada's counterculture but today is the city's high end shopping and entertainment district as well as a busy midtown office neighbourhood by day. Just to the west, the Annex has long been Toronto's literary neighbourhood as it's home to some of Canada's most imminent writers and media personalities including the late Jane Jacobs. It's proximity to the University of Toronto ensures it will forever be full of students. The Annex also has some of the city's finest examples of Edwardian and Victorian Architecture.


George Brown Food Research

Hospital food goes fresh and local

Toronto's burgeoning foodie scene is trickling its way into hospital cafeterias, where tasty recipes made from locally sourced ingredients are setting a new bar for healing. 

The Kitchen Library. (Courtesy Lisa Tait Photography)

Sharing is caring (and sustainable): A different kind of commerce is on the rise in T.O.

The city's sharing economy is thriving thanks to a young crop of community-based initiatives. 

Zhibin Wang, Jacky Qiu and Michael G. Helander in the aerelightdesign studio.

Five must-watch startups for 2015

With Toronto picking up speed as a North American epicentre for entrepreneurialism, we rounded up some young businesses poised to make big things happen in the year ahead. 
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