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Markham is "the largest town in Canada" and is the silicone valley of the country with its many high-tech companies and corporate head offices for such giants as IBM, Motorola, Lucent, Apple and Sun Microsystems. Markham is home to many New Canadians and over fifty percent of the population is foreign born with Chinese and South Asian being the most prominent ethnicities.


Teammates at Moss Park Arena playing with the MPAAHL's Razorbacks.

Hockey night's all right

Kelli Korducki

Letter from the editor

Letter from Yonge Street's new Managing Editor. 

Jeff Ruby of Newtopia.

A round-up of innovative medical developments happening right here in Toronto

In the latest in our series reporting on innovations coming out of MaRS Discovery District, we look at several cutting-edge medical advances currently in development--from revolutionary cancer treatments to personality-based patient care. 

Canary District under construction.

What legacy will the PanAm/ParaPan games leave on Toronto's infrastructure?

Toronto has already ensured the PanAm/ParaPan Games will leave the city with a healthy legacy, more than a year before they kick off. We look at some of the changes coming to the city's infrastructure and what it means for housing, communities, and transit.


That's a wrap: How a Toronto technology is helping birds fly more safely

With GTA on the forefront of increasing awareness of the danger some buildings can be to birds, it makes sense that industry leader Feather Friendly Technologies sprang up in Etobicoke.
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