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Weston is one of the many small rural towns that surrounded Toronto that were eventually consumed by the city as it grew. Today it's part of  continuous Toronto and Weston's main street, Weston Road, still retains that small Ontario town feeling as it stretches high above the Humber River valley. Weston is one of Toronto's neighbourhoods to watch. With a good stock of housing at affordable prices and a mix of condominium and apartment towers, industrial spaces ready to be renovated and easy access to downtown via the Go Train station, Weston is poised to once again become an economic and creative centre.


Kelli Korducki

Letter from the editor

Letter from Yonge Street's new Managing Editor. 

Mount Dennis

A possible Kodak moment: Our visit to Mount Dennis finds a storied community at a crossroads

One of Toronto's mostly intensely industrialized neighbourhoods, Mount Dennis was hit hard by the 2005 closure of the Kodak plant. But a strong identity, truly diverse population--and perhaps a new transit hub--might point the way toward a bright future.

Suri Weinberg-Linsky.

How to build a successful citizen initiative: 2 tales from the front lines

Passion and organizing skills are keys to getting policies changed or projects revised. But the efforts of Code Blue and the Clean Train Coalition also demonstrate that timing and connections make a major difference.

Diaspora Dialogues

Diaspora Dialogues, a jack-of-all trades literary program, nurtures immigrant writer talent

Diaspora Dialogues is creating a Toronto (& Canadian) literary scene that reflects one of the world's most diverse cities, helping its writers tell new stories that allow us understand ourselves better. At the same time, the program is feeding new kinds of work into the ever-growing body of Canadian Literature.
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