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Public to get another chance to comment on redesign of Front Street at Union tomorrow

The latest and possibly final version of the study for Front Street at Union Station will be presented at a public meeting this week at City Hall.

The results of the environmental assessment for the proposed changes to the bit of Front between Bay and York that separates the Royal York Hotel from Union Station will be voted on by the Public Works and Infrastructure Committee, with deputations from the public, as well as various interest groups.

"There's interest by the cycling community in having bike lanes and seeing how cycling is treated in the recommended plan," says Stephen Schijns, the manager of infrastructure planning for the transportation division. "There’s interest from the taxi industry in how curbside space is allocated. There's interest from the Royal York and from Union Station and the owners of the Royal Bank building, but those are normally dealt with one-on-one rather than in a committee setting."

If the document is approved, it moves onto City Council for consideration. If approved there, the plan is opened up to the public for a further 30 days. If at the end of that time there is no other significant concern, the project is approved and can be implemented.

Writer: Bert Archer
Source: Stephen Schijns

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