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Proposed Clarington Waste Facility.

Should Toronto burn its trash?

Toronto refuses to incinerate its waste, though nearby Peel Region has been doing it for years and York Region is now stepping on board. Is it time for the city to revisit its stance on incinerators?

Blue Ox Before Transformation

Creative placemaking changes the narrative of cities

Creative placemaking has helped transform Queen West, but what could it do for Canada? We look to America and explore five American cities that have benefited from a nationwide funding program that has pumped millions into the arts.

M. Jane Fairburn at Sugar Beach.

Shoring up Toronto's waterfront

A swath of beautification and accessibility initiatives are inspiring Torontonians to get back down to the lake. From revitalization projects to clean beach efforts and residential expansions, the lake is once again becoming an attractive feature for locals. 

Daniel Bida of Zooshare.

The Toronto Zoo to turn animal poo into power

The Toronto Zoo's new ZooShare partnership is the Province's latest foray into community power. The Zoo will begin construction on a biogas plant this coming spring, turning the zoo's animal waste into energy that will be fed into Ontario's power grid. 

Ryan Dyment, co-founder of the Toronto Tool Library

First Tool Libraries, now Timebanks: Toronto's Zeitgeist movement is expanding

Ryan Dyment, co-founder of the Tool Library and soon-to-be-unveiled Toronto Timebank, opens up about the Zeitgeist movement, leaving the rat race, and his vision for a resource-based economy. 

Steven Martin, President of Pond BioFuels.

Algae: the key to turning pollution into power

Nestled behind a shopping plaza in Scarborough, Pond Biofuels has been working on turning pollution into clean energy since 2007. If they're successful, this innovative alternative to fossil fuel could change manufacturing. 

Sean Riehl of Seven Lives Tacos Y Mariscos.

It takes a village to start a taco shop

From the food incubator at Toronto Underground Market to its soon-to-open standalone Kensington Market shop, Seven Lives knows the business of reincarnation. The fish taco shop represents the latest in a growing number of Toronto eateries taking fate into their own hands by launching their businesses in unconventional ways.  

Symone Sheane from GirlFriday.

Shopcaster helps independent boutiques gain traction online

Major retailers today are more innovative than they've been since the advent of the shopping mall, but where do independent boutiques fit in? Forget expensive ecommerce sites: Toronto's Shopcaster is helping boutiques expand their business and reach new markets with a simple, attractive platform. 

Joshna Maharaj.

Healthy foods advocate fights for sustainably-grown hospital food

Joshna Maharaj says hospital food doesn't have to taste bad. She advocates using local ingredients to enhance not only the nutritional value and patient experience, but also to support local agriculture and sustain Ontario's economy. 

McVean Startup Farm

Not quite old McDonald's farm

Brampton's McVean start-up project teaches newbie keeners, including new Canadians, about running sustainable farms. They learn from the experts... and from each other.

Shirin Varzagani.

Keen & green: How an innovative mentoring program connects new Canadians with environmental jobs

Many newcomers are attracted to Canada by the promise of a green environment. The Toronto and Region Conservation Authority is making sure the brightest and best of them can do their part.

Dr. Michael Brownbridge, Vineland research director with research technician Gillian Limebeer.

How we can grow our own (not so) exotic ingredients right here in the GTA

In a project to help local producers meet the demands of Ontario's increasingly diverse population, scientists are building better beans (and okra, peppers and other veggies, too)

Malvern Community Market volunteer planning group.

You are what your community eats

The transformation of Malvern has meant more than just reclaiming it from gang violence. Bringing people together around food and green spaces has been an integral ingredient. 

Darcy Higgins of Food Forward.

Food Fighters: How a new advocacy group plans to change your diet

When TO newcomer Darcy Higgins looked around the city, he saw a burgeoning food culture that needed a unified voice around issues of accessibility, sustainability and security. Food Forward, the group he founded, is providing a table to gather at.

David Suzuki

Green time versus screen time: Bring nature back to the city

In an age when kids are getting less and less exposure to nature, a discussion between environmental guru David Suzuki and author Richard Louv reveals that the GTA is making some headway in greening our urban lives.
85 Articles | Page: | Show All
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