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New Canadians : Featured Stories

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Andrea from the Congo

Cosmopolis wears Toronto's diversity on its booksleeve

Toronto photographer releases photo book of new Canadians from every country in the world. 

Teammates at Moss Park Arena playing with the MPAAHL's Razorbacks.

Hockey night's all right

Christian Szabo with a pane of Ornilux.

Birds have a new friend, immigrant has a new future

After emigrating from Hungary to Toronto with nothing at the age of 19 in 2000, Christian Szabo is now the founder of two companies that help builders and developers protect birds from their buildings, and buildings from the birds.

War of 1812 Mural in Islington Village

Street art preserves Islington Village's history with remarkable attention to detail

A series of 25 murals celebrate Islington Village's past, while looking to its future. Igor Bonifacic reflects on how the street art represents his own experiences growing up in the area as a new Canadian, and what it means to the neighbourhood now.

Developer, Ali Kokulu.

How Stringer bends mind and reality in the name of protecting war reporters

I hear the bomb go off. I am a reporter and suddenly I am rushing to bandage the wounds of a bleeding soldier. His screams startle me and I pull the headset off. I am not in a warzone after all. I am in George Brown College's School of Design. 

Ryerson DMZ International Fellows

How Ryerson plans to strengthen Toronto by partnering with Indian institutions

By collaborating with universities in India and across the world, and building a mini accelerator program that's set to open in the Bombay Stock Exchange in May, Ryerson looks to help cement Toronto's position as an international innovation capital. 

Rahul Bhardwaj

Yonge Interviews: Rahul Bhardwaj, CEO & President of Toronto Community Foundation

Rahul Bhardwaj talks about his five recommendations for a better Toronto and the one thread that ties them all together: that Toronto cannot solve any one problem on its own, we need to look at issues on a network level.

vital signs

Vital Signs report paints a new portrait of Toronto's growing population

The 2013 Vital Signs report indicates a city in rapid transition, bringing with it a new realm of opportunities and challenges. We summarize some of the findings in the first of many features dedicated to breaking down the issues outlined in the Vital Signs report. 

Noura Sakkijha and husband.

How immigrant entrepreneurs are driving Toronto's tech startup renaissance

Canada realizes a key to being competitive in the startup world is to attract talented immigrants. Mejuri is one Toronto startup that represents a growing number of new Canadians that are launching companies and impacting the city and beyond. 

Abraham Catano of Stella's Corsets.

Yonge Interviews: Abraham Catano, CEO of Stella's Corset

For years the secret to Luz Stella Torres's figure was the corset she wore under her clothes. When the secret got out, it turned into a business opportunity. Her son Abraham Catano has since grown the door-to-door corset sales business into two GTA retail locations with plans to expand to Dubai.  

Patricia Bebia-Mawa

Planet Patricia: Media mogul expands brand to further represent diversity

Award-winning editor Patricia Bebia-Mawa is known for telling Africa's stories locally and around the world. Here in Toronto, she hopes to honour more African-Canadians by launching a new publication and expanding her company's prestigious Planet Africa Awards.

Playing for Keeps

Pan Am inspiration: Using multi-sport games as catalysts for neighbourhood change

At tomorrow's Yonge Talks panel, Rosalyn Morrison will discuss how Toronto's Playing For Keeps initiative is building communities and creating neighbourhood leaders through play and games. Here, she answers some of our early questions.


Jumping the diversity hurdles

A free, one-stop-shopping website aims to take the drudge work out of matching employers with new Canadian workers. And it might just be useful in reaching out to international customers, too.

Shirin Varzagani.

Keen & green: How an innovative mentoring program connects new Canadians with environmental jobs

Many newcomers are attracted to Canada by the promise of a green environment. The Toronto and Region Conservation Authority is making sure the brightest and best of them can do their part.

Mentor, Adrian Cheung at BMO.

Where even time-strapped professionals can find time to help newcomers improve their prospects

Just because it's a breakneck pace doesn't mean it doesn't work. ACCES's speed mentoring program offers new Canadians the chance to make a lot of contacts very quickly. 
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