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Vital Signs.

Taking Toronto's Vital Signs: We're prospering, but some challenges threaten to take root

Every year since 2001, the Toronto Foundation has pulled together data, case studies, and other information to create a comprehensive assessment of the state of our city. Toronto, it's time for your annual checkup.

Shirin Habibi, Tariq Haddadin and Amie Sergas of the MaRS Business Acceleration Program

The dream of a Canadian Silicon Valley

By bridging Toronto and the Kitchener-Waterloo area, both through collaborative networks and the facilitation of a high-speed rail system, regional organizations aim to create a powerhouse of Canadian talent. 

Canary District under construction.

What legacy will the PanAm/ParaPan games leave on Toronto's infrastructure?

Toronto has already ensured the PanAm/ParaPan Games will leave the city with a healthy legacy, more than a year before they kick off. We look at some of the changes coming to the city's infrastructure and what it means for housing, communities, and transit.

John Kernaghan, Bonni Burns and George Civello of Hogtown Mascots.

Gallery City turns empty real estate into opportunity

As the LRT construction chews its way along Eglinton, local businesses are teaming up with the Business Improvement Area to counter the construction chaos with creative placemaking. 

Alex Dumesle, Project Coordinator for Partners of Project Green.

The greenest industrial wasteland around

Nearly a thousand businesses in the Pearson Eco-Business Zone encompassing the airport and surrounding area have teamed up under the banner of Partners in Project Green to lessen their carbon footprint. Here's how they plan to do it.

Hossein Rahnama of Flybits

Welcome to the era of contextually intelligent cities

Hossein Rahnama is the brain behind Flybits, an award winning Ryerson-based company that is changing the way we communicate with our cities—and how our cities communicate with us. Context-aware computing may sound futuristic, but it's already here.

Josh Fullan of U of T Schools.

Transformational Learning and Responsible Citizenship: the evolving language of education in Ontario

Lessons from Maximum City: responsiveness, not responsibility, is the key to teaching sustainability. Teachers and students agree youth need to play an active role in responsible citizenship, but it's the questions, not the terminology, that get results. 

Natalie Panek

Mission Possible: What Natalie Panek's space odyssey means for young women

Natalie Panek may only be 28, but she's one of the few people in the country who can operate the Next Generation Canadarm. Now, she's on a mission to encourage more young girls to take risks and pursue careers in space. 

Bradley Wentworth of Red Riding Goods with his BULLITT cargo bike.

The new downtown economy is pedal powered

The growing cargo bike delivery movement in Toronto has resulted in the emergence of a new economy, one where local businesses support one another with minimal impact on the environment. On a worldwide scale, Toronto falls behind. But a few local cyclists are gearing up to change that.

Rachel Pellett and Heather Mee of Emma's Country Kitchen.

St. Clair West's greatest success stories come from within the community

From old to new, St. Clair West is a neighbourhood in transition. While the right-of-way streetcar plan continues to divide the area, businesses are growing and the streets are becoming more beautiful. The common thread? The community itself. 

TCF's Vital Signs Report panel.

Finding our 'wild salmon' & measuring happiness

Our Yonge Talks panel exploring the Toronto Community Foundation's new Vital Signs report led attendees to ideas about what could make our city a better place to live.

Streetcar inspired artwork.

One track mind: Will artists come to love our new streetcars?

Just like the CN Tower and Maple Leaf Gardens, our current fleet of streetcars define the city. Will the sleek new ones become as iconic?

Ken Greenberg

Where are Toronto's urban manners?

Veteran planner and author Ken Greenberg suggests we're better at sharing each other's food than sharing each other's space. But we'll learn.

Akber Batada and his Cosmic Cab.

Cosmic Energy: Inspired by a dream, this driver's turned his taxi into an entertainment hotspot

He used to be in the seafood business in Mumbai, but now Akber Batada brightens Toronto's streets with his over-the-top cab offerings.

Suri Weinberg-Linsky.

How to build a successful citizen initiative: 2 tales from the front lines

Passion and organizing skills are keys to getting policies changed or projects revised. But the efforts of Code Blue and the Clean Train Coalition also demonstrate that timing and connections make a major difference.
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