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Kensington Market - Little Italy - Little Portugal : Featured Stories

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Craig Wong of Patois.

Toronto's blossoming fusion food scene puts the world on your plate in a whole new way

From Jamaican-Italian to Thai perogies, meet the city's latest restaurant craze.

Ross McKegney of Verold.

How three Toronto companies are changing the way we interact with our computers

Move over Siri, there's a new voice-activated computer in town. Meet Ubi, a small computer with a remarkable understanding of natural language, and two other distinct Toronto-based user interface innovations. Over the next three to five years, we will see a renaissance in UI and experience design. 


Take a peek inside Peekapak, the new monthly learning box for kids

Peekapak is a new curated monthly arts and education package that brings healthier ideas about the world to today's young minds. Featuring protagonists involved in STEM fields, Peekapak challenges traditional homework and ideals. 

Gail McInnes of Stylist Box.

Stylist Box brings Canadian designers to the red carpet at TIFF

The Stylist Box is a first for Toronto, a showroom of designers including emerging and established Canadian labels alike, and a one-stop shop for busy actresses getting ready for TIFF. Jaime Woo takes a look behind the scenes of this celebrity showroom.  

Emma Nemtin, Marketing Director at Hubba

A smarter storefront: How a new crop of digital platforms are innovating the retail floor

Find out how a group of Toronto-based startups are rethinking how stores, brands, and retail floors interact with consumers. As customers become more informed shoppers, stores need to match and expand their expertise. 

VQA wine at the Sorauren Farmer's Market.

VQA winemakers taste success at Toronto farmers' markets

A two-year pilot program introduces local winemakers to Toronto markets, one sip at a time. Yonge Street talks to several wineries to learn more about how the city's various farmers' markets are supporting VQA wines. 

Jeffrey Barber

An interview with Jeff Barber, owner of Sonic Boom

After more than a dozen years in the Annex, Sonic Boom is relocating to Queen West. We talk to the owner of the iconic record store about his decision to switch neighbourhoods and his experience owning a record store in the digital age. 

Shawn Rock

Homemade hot sauce market heating up in Toronto

Canada is not known for its hot sauces, but a number of Toronto food enthusiasts are challenging that. Combining local ingredients with a passion for flavour, these chefs are spicing up the city's culinary scene and taking over restaurant tables across town. 

Jeff Ruby of Newtopia.

A round-up of innovative medical developments happening right here in Toronto

In the latest in our series reporting on innovations coming out of MaRS Discovery District, we look at several cutting-edge medical advances currently in development--from revolutionary cancer treatments to personality-based patient care. 

MaRS Discovery District bee initiative.

Look up: Toronto is abuzz with rooftop beehives that boost the city's ecosystem

The MaRS Discovery District's bee initiative adds its hives to the growing list of urban beekeepers using rooftops to enhance the biodiversity of Toronto's concrete jungle--and source delicious, organic, homegrown honey while they're at it.

Shirin Habibi, Tariq Haddadin and Amie Sergas of the MaRS Business Acceleration Program

The dream of a Canadian Silicon Valley

By bridging Toronto and the Kitchener-Waterloo area, both through collaborative networks and the facilitation of a high-speed rail system, regional organizations aim to create a powerhouse of Canadian talent. 

Wendy MacKinnon Keith

There's no shortage of support for entrepreneurial women in Toronto

Sure women and men aren't yet equal in the tech and innovation sphere, but that doesn't mean entrepreneurial women aren't working together to succeed. We talk to a new pack of industry leaders making it work with a little help from their friends.

Wearable Tech

Future fashion now: a look at wearable tech in TO

Wearable technology is gaining significant ground here in Toronto, from bulletproof suits to devices that offer vision to the legally blind. We round up several entrepreneurs who are pushing boundaries and weaving the world of wearable tech as we know it. 

Tom Rand

Cleantech and healthcare: two sectors leading exponential technology growth in Toronto

Faster computing and cheaper product development has created a booming culture of innovation in Toronto. This two part series takes a look at four sectors leading the way, starting with healthcare and cleantech.   
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