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Scarborough City Centre : Featured Stories

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Rendering of the Sky-o-swale at the East Scarborough Storefront.

Reaching for the Sky-O-Swale

How professionals and community youth collaborated to bring a new landmark to East Scarborough's Kingston-Galloway-Orton Park neighbourhood. The Sky-O-Swale is at once an eco-friendly water filtration system and a community gathering space. 

Daniel Bida of Zooshare.

The Toronto Zoo to turn animal poo into power

The Toronto Zoo's new ZooShare partnership is the Province's latest foray into community power. The Zoo will begin construction on a biogas plant this coming spring, turning the zoo's animal waste into energy that will be fed into Ontario's power grid. 

Steven Martin, President of Pond BioFuels.

Algae: the key to turning pollution into power

Nestled behind a shopping plaza in Scarborough, Pond Biofuels has been working on turning pollution into clean energy since 2007. If they're successful, this innovative alternative to fossil fuel could change manufacturing. 

Playing for Keeps

Pan Am inspiration: Using multi-sport games as catalysts for neighbourhood change

At tomorrow's Yonge Talks panel, Rosalyn Morrison will discuss how Toronto's Playing For Keeps initiative is building communities and creating neighbourhood leaders through play and games. Here, she answers some of our early questions.

Guild Inn Park and Gardens.

The top five public spaces that bring us together

The abundance of private development projects in the core has captured our imagination. But it’s the public spaces—where the big buildings aren't—that create the urban fabric that makes a city great. Yonge Street's Development Editor Bert Archer picks his five favourite public spaces.

Malvern Community Market volunteer planning group.

You are what your community eats

The transformation of Malvern has meant more than just reclaiming it from gang violence. Bringing people together around food and green spaces has been an integral ingredient. 
8 Articles | Page:
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