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best of features

Top feature stories of 2013

It's hard to believe 2013 is already coming to an end. Yonge Street is taking a short break for the holidays and will return with a brand new issue on January 8, 2014. Until then, we've rounded up 15 of our best feature stories from this past year. From ukuleles to local startups, these are the stories you read the most in 2013. 

Wearable Tech

Future fashion now: a look at wearable tech in TO

Wearable technology is gaining significant ground here in Toronto, from bulletproof suits to devices that offer vision to the legally blind. We round up several entrepreneurs who are pushing boundaries and weaving the world of wearable tech as we know it. 

Derek Quenneville

Meet the innovators behind Toronto's 3D printing and cyber security sectors

From printing synthetic skin to preventing Internet censorship, local companies are shaking things up. In part II of our series exploring exponential technologies in Toronto, we look at how the city’s innovators are revolutionizing cyber security and 3D printing.

Frederick Hann

The business of beautiful: Gardens in the sky

A new program called Garden Connections uses design technology to imagine and demonstrate what gardens could look like on condominiums, all before lifting a shovel. The technology beautifies floorplans and could have huge sway on how buyers purchase condos. 

Hossein Rahnama of Flybits

Welcome to the era of contextually intelligent cities

Hossein Rahnama is the brain behind Flybits, an award winning Ryerson-based company that is changing the way we communicate with our cities—and how our cities communicate with us. Context-aware computing may sound futuristic, but it's already here.

Emily Glazer, at her residence.

Invisible disability in the workplace

For people with invisible disabilities, entering the workforce or holding a full-time job can be difficult, if not seemingly impossible. Some Canadian companies are beginning to shift their thinking and reduce stigma--and doing so is simpler than you'd think. 

Evgeny Tchebotarev of 500px

Why international investors are investing more in Toronto-based startups

From Toronto to New York: International investors, especially American ones, are starting to invest in the city's most promising startups. We look at how Toronto's 500px scored its first investment and what that means for the city's ecosystem.

Tom Rand

Cleantech and healthcare: two sectors leading exponential technology growth in Toronto

Faster computing and cheaper product development has created a booming culture of innovation in Toronto. This two part series takes a look at four sectors leading the way, starting with healthcare and cleantech.   

Rahul Bhardwaj

Yonge Interviews: Rahul Bhardwaj, CEO & President of Toronto Community Foundation

Rahul Bhardwaj talks about his five recommendations for a better Toronto and the one thread that ties them all together: that Toronto cannot solve any one problem on its own, we need to look at issues on a network level.

Josh Fullan of U of T Schools.

Transformational Learning and Responsible Citizenship: the evolving language of education in Ontario

Lessons from Maximum City: responsiveness, not responsibility, is the key to teaching sustainability. Teachers and students agree youth need to play an active role in responsible citizenship, but it's the questions, not the terminology, that get results. 

Autumn leaves north of the GTA.

We're taking a short break

We're taking a short break for the Thanksgiving holiday and will return on October 30 with a brand new issue of Yonge Street. 

Jeff Cohen of the Horseshoe Tavern.

The role nightlife plays in building and dividing Toronto

It's no secret that councillors are divided on the issue of nightlife. Efforts are in place to regulate the number of clubs and bars in Parkdale, but embracing nightlife and considering the formation of a working group may be a better option, say club owners. 

vital signs

Vital Signs report paints a new portrait of Toronto's growing population

The 2013 Vital Signs report indicates a city in rapid transition, bringing with it a new realm of opportunities and challenges. We summarize some of the findings in the first of many features dedicated to breaking down the issues outlined in the Vital Signs report. 

Kids planting gardens in Regent Park.

Regent Park's forward-thinking food movement

Local food means something different in Regent Park, a neighbourhood that is striving to make locally grown food a standard for its residents in an effort to support farmers and community wellness.

Jamie McIntyre.

Meet Professor Jamie McIntyre, the master prototyper

Jamie McIntyre, a professor at George Brown College's Centre for Construction and Engineering Technologies, looks to create the next generation of prototype masters. He argues proper protoyping is a fundamental aspect of product development.
496 Articles | Page: | Show All
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