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Maker Faire

The Mini Maker Faire in Toronto is a science fair for grownups that matters

Toronto's Mini Maker Faire is on the bleeding edge of technological (and mechanical) innovation, a great blend of geekery, DIY work ethic, and future thinking. It's here that our relationship with technology is being tested, and the next great invention may be making its debut.

Darius Mosun

When the world's your niche: Toronto's International Design Firms do big business

Toronto's architectural design firms beat their competition by ensuring they have no competitors and by tapping into the diverse and talented pool of designers and artists that live here. You might even be surprised where some of our firms have been working.

Imperial Plaza

The Imperial Oil Building reborn: a Mad Men era building gets a new life. A slideshow and report.

Toronto's Imperial Oil Building on St. Clair is being converted into The Imperial Plaza, a residential condo project that is preserving much of the mid-century design and art elements of this iconic building. Read about what's coming and see Yonge Street photographer Tanja-Tiziana's slideshow of some of the details that are being preserved, and the last vestiges of its office days.

The Zero Point

The Zero Point in Leslieville offers another kind of green to eco-minded Toronto homeowners

Home building and renovations don't have to have a big human and ecological footprint. Kay Valley channels her creativity and passion for human rights and the environment into The Zero Point, her design centre and building supply store on Queen Street East.

Jutta Treviranus, OCAD U.

OCAD U sees an accessible future with new Master program in inclusive design

As our population ages and the rights of disabled people are getting more attention, OCAD University has started a new Master program in inclusive design to create a brain trust of people skilled in accessible technologies from many sectors.

Councillor Adam Vaughan

Is inclusionary zoning the answer to Toronto's housing problems?

The development industry hates it. The government doesn't want it. But inclusionary zoning is an idea that's not going away. Academics, activists, and opposition politicians like Adam Vaughan still tout it as an important piece of Toronto's affordable housing solution.

Klaus Nienkamper II

Contemporary craft meets traditional style at the Toronto furniture design store Klaus

Everything old is new again at Klaus on King Street East; from the business model to the designs, which blend international names with Toronto-made classics manufactured by Nienkamper, the family name that has become synonymous with timeless quality. They'll be part of the Interior Design Show opening on Thursday.

St Clair West Transit Art

The Art of Transit: the St. Clair streetcar stops are topped off by Toronto artists

Along the new TTC St. Clair streetcar line, a public art project with 24 new works is providing both wayfinding tools for riders and moments of wonder for the neighbourhood residents along the way.

Peter Milczyn

Meet City Councillor Peter Milczyn, Toronto's urbanist from Etobicoke

Peter Milczyn, Toronto's new Development and Planning Committee chair, says: it's alright for kids to grow up in high rises; the city can be more dense; we can have great architecture and great public spaces; and our development fee structure can be changed to encourage all of this.

David Miller & Trish Mahtani

David Miller shines a light on the Gerrard India Bazaar in his book, Witness to a City

Rang Home Decor and Nucreation on Gerrard Street are two thriving family-owned businesses whose stories are told in the former Mayor of Toronto's new book that explores the city he led for seven years.

Ana Serrano, CFC Media Lab

Toronto's CFC Media Lab is a world pioneer in digital interactive media & now they mean business.

The Canadian Film Centre Media Lab has been exploring the cutting edge of interactive storytelling through its multi-disciplinary program called the Telus Interactive Art and Design Program. With a recent move to MaRS, they are starting to incubate companies and find ways to make money through art and expression.


This ain't the Dragon's Den: BizStart helps young Toronto entrepreneurs kick start their companies

The BizStart entrepreneur training program helps young creative types root their ideas in a business-minded reality as they start their first companies and venture into the world of self-employment.

Janet Attard

For Janet Bike Girl art + bicycle activism adds up to a message that sticks & a profitable business

When it comes to advocating for more and safer cycling in Toronto, Janet Attard prefers the soft sell of her bicycle art. Apart from making her a living, her art has helped change the perception of bikes in the city.

Beyond 3:30

Where art and architecture meet: the Beyond 3:30 mural program turns schools into canvases

Beyond 3:30, an after school program introducing preteens to architecture and art, turns schools into community hubs and hopes to get a whole new generation of kids thinking about architecture as a career, especially young women.

Head Gear Animation

Got 3D? Toronto's Head Gear Animation is leading the film industry in new directions

Head Gear Animation are known for their ground-breaking work that mix up a variety of different animation techniques. Their latest venture is the first 3D commercial in Canada and its production required pioneering a new stereoscopic technique.
70 Articles | Page: | Show All
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