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A 2011 Nissan Leaf gets a charge.

The city tests the waters on providing municipal EV charging stations

A proposed pilot project would see the city offer parking spots equipped with electric vehicle charging capability. The initiative will help the city figure out if EV charging could become a new revenue stream or whether the job should be left to other players.

Mike Elwood

At the tipping point: How the next year is crucial to the rollout of electric vehicles

As industry players gather in Toronto this week to talk about the national rollout of electric vehicles, the trickiest part of the equation is getting consumers to change their ideas about what's makes for a good ride. Mike Elwood, chair of Electric Mobility Canada, tells us about the road ahead.

Don Tench

Smart cars meet the smart grid: getting Ontario's infrastructure ready for electric vehicles

As plug-in vehicles become more popular, industry players in Ontario are discovering that information about electricity use is as valuable as electricity itself and are working to ensure a seamless introduction of the vehicles onto our streets.


Electrovaya: all charged up to start making electric car batteries in Mississauga

A GTA-based battery manufacturer gets revved up to supply the new wave of electric cars about to hit the streets. With over 150 patents to their name, Electrovaya is poised to take a profitable role in not just e-car battery production, but lead the way with a zero emission, non-solvent and non-toxic manufacturing process.
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