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Alexa Hatanaka and Patrick Thompson.

North By Northeast art project aims to transform Toronto one alley at a time

Thirty-one new murals will be painted across Toronto over the next week in an effort to beautify alleyways, improve walkability, and enhance the safety of Toronto's laneways. It's part of a larger strategy to imagine what the future of this city's story could be, a narrative as told by artists. 

Kevin Beaulieu of World Pride

World Pride timed to open the floodgates for gay tourism in Toronto

LGBT tourism is poised to crack $200 billion for the first time this year. With Toronto hosting the fourth annual World Pride celebrations, we look at how our city has the potential to set the global stage for Pride celebrations and welcome a new wave of tourists.

Jeff Ruby of Newtopia.

A round-up of innovative medical developments happening right here in Toronto

In the latest in our series reporting on innovations coming out of MaRS Discovery District, we look at several cutting-edge medical advances currently in development--from revolutionary cancer treatments to personality-based patient care. 

MaRS Discovery District bee initiative.

Look up: Toronto is abuzz with rooftop beehives that boost the city's ecosystem

The MaRS Discovery District's bee initiative adds its hives to the growing list of urban beekeepers using rooftops to enhance the biodiversity of Toronto's concrete jungle--and source delicious, organic, homegrown honey while they're at it.

Christian Szabo with a pane of Ornilux.

Birds have a new friend, immigrant has a new future

After emigrating from Hungary to Toronto with nothing at the age of 19 in 2000, Christian Szabo is now the founder of two companies that help builders and developers protect birds from their buildings, and buildings from the birds.

Arlen Leeming, MES Project Manager, Don & Highland Watersheds Toronto & Region Conservation Auth.

Exploring the vitality of Toronto's rivers and history

Reporter Andrew Seale paddles down the Don River in a canoe to better understand how Toronto's various rivers and channels have impacted our city's infrastructure over the years. 

Shirin Habibi, Tariq Haddadin and Amie Sergas of the MaRS Business Acceleration Program

The dream of a Canadian Silicon Valley

By bridging Toronto and the Kitchener-Waterloo area, both through collaborative networks and the facilitation of a high-speed rail system, regional organizations aim to create a powerhouse of Canadian talent. 

The Gibraltar Point Lighthouse

10 must-see buildings at this year's Doors Open Toronto

Our roundup of some of the architecturally, historically, and culturally coolest places to see at this year's Doors Open TO celebrating "Secrets & Spirits."

Arlene Francis of Mothereaze.

Rethinking child care in Toronto

In Toronto, finding quality child care can be a daunting and expensive affair. Arlene Francis has an answer. The single mom is gearing up to launch her own business: a platform for other moms to find qualified, pre-screened caregivers. 

War of 1812 Mural in Islington Village

Street art preserves Islington Village's history with remarkable attention to detail

A series of 25 murals celebrate Islington Village's past, while looking to its future. Igor Bonifacic reflects on how the street art represents his own experiences growing up in the area as a new Canadian, and what it means to the neighbourhood now.

The This is We mural was created on Broad Avenue during its revitalization project.

What smart cities can learn from Memphis

Lessons from Mephis: The City of Memphis is on the rise thanks to a growing startup community, investments in bike lanes, a burgeoning arts district and people moving back to the city. Through it all, the city has listened to its residents and embraced 'lean urbanism.' 

Canary District under construction.

What legacy will the PanAm/ParaPan games leave on Toronto's infrastructure?

Toronto has already ensured the PanAm/ParaPan Games will leave the city with a healthy legacy, more than a year before they kick off. We look at some of the changes coming to the city's infrastructure and what it means for housing, communities, and transit.

Developer, Ali Kokulu.

How Stringer bends mind and reality in the name of protecting war reporters

I hear the bomb go off. I am a reporter and suddenly I am rushing to bandage the wounds of a bleeding soldier. His screams startle me and I pull the headset off. I am not in a warzone after all. I am in George Brown College's School of Design. 

George Cho.

George Cho's deconstructed pottery takes a new perspective on tradition

Pottery may be one of the oldest art forms, but ceramics artist George Cho is breathing new life into the practice, infusing it with contemporary notions of deconstruction while embracing tradition and craftsmanship. 

Wendy MacKinnon Keith

There's no shortage of support for entrepreneurial women in Toronto

Sure women and men aren't yet equal in the tech and innovation sphere, but that doesn't mean entrepreneurial women aren't working together to succeed. We talk to a new pack of industry leaders making it work with a little help from their friends.
496 Articles | Page: | Show All
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